Hillwalker MAX - The Munros

The Munros of Scotland Hillwalker Max edition has all the features the well-prepared outdoor enthusiast needs to plan a trip among the spectacular scenery of the Scottish hills and mountains

The Max edition includes a large number of predefined routes chosen by a number of Scotland's most respected walkers and climbers, ideal if you are unfamiliar with an area and want to quickly choose a route that is safe and enjoyable. Photographic map overlays are included to aid navigation. Gradient profiles are provided for all routes, both those that come with the software and routes chosen by the user. Ideal for choosing a route appropriate to your physical abilities.

Route data can be downloaded onto a GPS receiver, allowing you to keep track of your position. This also enables you to accurately measure how far you have actually travelled during your trip.

After the walk or climb has been completed a logging feature allows you to record details of the walk.

Other features include local points of interest and accomodation. As updates to these places become available, they can be downloaded from the website

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Excellent, handy to cruise thro'
Dave, Holyhead

Many thanks once again, the after sales service is always excellent.
John, Edinburgh