MapWise Basic products


MapWise Basic includes the Vector Map and route planning functionality, but without any mapping of its own. Both Standard and International are designed for you to add your own maps, either scanned in from existing paper maps, or electronic images.

Once you have identified three points on the map, the program will treat it as an integral part of itself, allowing you to plot routes on the map, and (in Standard only) view it in 3D, 'draped' over the included height map of the mainland United Kingdom.

You can also use MapWise Basic to survey your own land or plot items of interest such as location of orchids or bell towers. These can be plotted with a variety of symbols in any colour or using your own graphic.

You can add lines, polylines, polygons and points, all in a myriad of styles, colours and widths. You can create the list of points from existing maps or by transporting a GPS round the points ont he ground.

Use MapWise Standard for sites within the British Isles and World on a CD (includes MapWise Standard) for anywhere in the world.