Alpiniste products


The Alpiniste series is an interactive guide to the Alps, designed for mountaineers, and those who love the mountains. Co-written by Alpine Guide Martin Moran, Alpiniste is ideal both for those planning an expedition to the Alps, and those who wish only to dream. Alpiniste includes walks and climbs written by Martin Moran, hundreds of stunning photographs, 29 video clips, and music inspired by the Alps.

Alpiniste comes with the ISYS Outdoors Vector Map of the Alps, which can be drawn at any scale from showing the entirety of the Alpine region, all the way down to the detail of a particular route up Mont Blanc.

On the Vector Map, you can plot the built-in routes and climbs, or create your own with the newly-developed Spider Card system, which allows the climber to built a route from a database of over two thousand pre-plotted legs, categorised according to difficulty. Once your route is finished, you can download it to your GPS.

Also included is the Personal Log system, which allows you to record climb and expedition dates for yourself and up to ten friends, with plenty of space to enter details of your route, flora and fauna spotted, the weather, an expedition diary, or anything else you might wish. Once you have entered dates in the Log, you may elect to show which mountains have been climbed on the map (or, for those with a tick against almost every peak in the book, which have not been climbed!) You can also add your own photographs and diagrams - a slideshow of other peoples' conquests of the Alps is all very well, but it's even better when the photos are your own!

Other features include panorama views and bearing tables, which help you figure out which peaks you can see from a summit; the ability to print routes, maps, information, panoramas and bearing tables; and the hill-finding quiz and musical slideshow for rainy days.

The High Alps is currently the only program in the Alpiniste series.