MapWise 25

Detailed Ordnance Survey Explorer mapping at 1:25,000.

MapWise 50

General purpose Ordnance Survey Landranger mapping at 1:50,000. Great Britain also includes MapWise 250.

MapWise 250

Ordnance Survey Travel mapping at 1:250,000, plus Miniscale mapping, the OS Gazetteer and UK Postcode Lookup.

MapWise Basic

Plot routes and 3D projections using your own maps.


MapWise is an interactive mapping and routing system on CD. Each MapWise product comes with Ordnance Survey mapping - Explorer (1:25,000) in MapWise 25, Landranger (1:50,000) in MapWise 50, and Travel Maps (1:250,000) and Miniscale mappping in MapWise 250. MapWise Basic products do not come with mapping, but are designed for you to add your own maps, which then become part of the program.

Every MapWise program also comes with the ISYS Outdoors Vector Map of Great Britain, which can be drawn at any scale from showing the whole of the British Isles to the detail of a route up Beinn Eighe. A topographical overlay can be plotted on the Vector Map, adding height cues and greatly increasing the detail of coastlines and rivers.

You can create routes with the powerful route editing system, which allows you to create routes by clicking waypoints on the map. You can generate a route profile, which gives a good idea of the climbs and descents along the route, and the route planner automatically estimates the time to complete each leg based on your personal walking (or cycling, driving, flying, etc) speed. Once your route is finished, you can download it to your GPS.

All maps can be viewed in 3D, with configurable rotation, tilt and sunlight angle. All product functions work the same regardless of which map you're viewing, and most operations are performed globally - you can plot a route on a 3D map, with leg lines conforming to the curves of the terrain, and when you open any other map, the route will automatically be plotted on it as well.

All MapWise products integrate with each other, and with PhotoMaps, allowing you to have Explorer, Landranger, Travel and Miniscale maps of any area, plus aerial photography for that region.

Some of the products which cover larger areas may consist of hundreds of Ordnance Survey map sheets, but you won't notice - the program allows you to scroll from one sheet to another without any border or transition. This seamless scrolling also works across products - if you have both MapWise 50 Scotland and MapWise 50 England installed, you can scroll across the border without noticing any change.

Other features include the ability to pick a point and list the Ordnance Survey sheets which include it; the ISYS Gazetteer, which lists over 50,000 points throughout the UK; and in MapWise 50 Great Britain and MapWise 250, the Ordnance Survey Gazetteer, which lists over a quarter of a million searchable points.