Hillwalker MAX
The Munros39.00
Lakeland Fells39.00
Mountains of Wales39.00
Hillwalker Info
Hills of the British Isles79.00
The Munros25.00
The Corbetts25.00
Lakeland Fells25.00
Mountains of Wales25.00
Hillwalker Lite
Hills of Ireland15.00
Hills of Man15.00
Peaks, Moors and Dales15.00
MapWise 25
Lake District49.00
Isle of Arran and Ailsa Creag25.00
Six Tiles25.00
Twelve Tiles35.00
Twenty Tiles49.00
Fifty Tiles99.99
Isle of Wight X435.00
The 3 Cuillins25.00
Isle of Skye and Small Isles49.00
Yorkshire Dales National Park69.00
Dartmoor National Park45.00
Snowdonia National Park84.00
Peak District45.00
North York Moors84.00
Fort William and Glen Coe29.00
Beinn Nibheis (or Ben Nevis) 4.00
Beinn Mhr and Stob Binnein (or Ben More) 4.00
Helvellyn 4.00
Yr Wyddfa (or Snowdon) 4.00
Explorer Tiles, each (needs program) 2.00
MapWise 50
Great Britain (6 CDs)185.00
Great Britain (DVD)149.00
England North65.00
England South65.00
Munro Maps30.00
Scotland South30.00
Lakes and Pennines30.00
Central England and East Anglia65.00
South West England30.00
South East England30.00
Isle of Man15.00
MapWise 250
Great Britain25.00
MapWise Basic
England North30.00
England South30.00
Lakes and Pennines15.00
Central England and East Anglia30.00
South West England15.00
South East England15.00
The High Alps29.00
Post and Packing
Physical Disc (CD or DVD) 5.00
Presentation box (with disc) 8.50
Second Class p&p (UK) 3.50
First Class p&p (UK) 5.00
p&p (Europe) 7.00
p&p (Rest of World)10.00
Virtual email address
hillwalker.net email address (per year)12.00

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